The Meek House Coffee in Redlands, CA.

While my wife and I were wandering around Redlands, California on a date, shopping for a few things and looking for a great cup of coffee we came across this great coffee house, The Meek House.

Location: 27471 San Bernardino Ave Suite 140, Redlands, CA 92374
The Meek House
At first, we noticed the catchy name, The Meek House, and the inviting tables outdoors with a few trendy looking people sitting around outside. It looked great with well-placed lighting, the smell of fresh grounds drifting across the street, and the word “coffee” displayed vertically on the door. No questions there, we were on the way.

Once we walked in we were warmly greeted by the Meek House crew and noticed the cool well-lit menu hanging on the wall near the front counter.

Honestly, everything on the menu looked so good, but I decided to go with the Honey Cinnamon Latte, and my wife Dana chose the Chai Tea Latte.
The Meek House

The Meek House was decorated with class and coffee culture, and while it is close quarters it was also more than comfortable and accommodating. The staff was professional, attentive, efficient, and hospitable.

We sat outside since it was a beautiful Spring evening, and the barista actually delivered our order to our outside table and then offered water as well. She went back in and brought us out some glasses of water.

This made an impression on my wife and I both since it was fairly busy with a few customers that arrived while we were there. The impression we got was that The Meek House coffee actually cares about every customer.

The Meek House

The coffee brought to our table proved they pay attention to providing a visually appealing presentation. It looked great, and it was a joy to see a cup of coffee that The Meek House made with a personal touch.

The cups they use had a hardy handle, which was great as neither of us like “dainty coffee cups”. The tables were perfectly situated, the chairs had plenty of room to move, and the vibe at the Meek House coffee was spot on.

Then we both began enjoying our drinks. Dana almost instantly said, “this is the best Chai Latte I’ve ever had”. At the same time, I was thinking “I’ve never had a Honey Cinnamon Latte but this is fantastic”.

The Meek HouseIf you are in the area and looking for some great coffee we highly recommend The Meek House. It’s a family owned local business that is well run, in a great location, with awesome coffee!

We hope that our review of The Meek House Coffee has been helpful.

May your travel be safe, and your cup always full” ~ Daren & Dana



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