Bushkill Falls PennsylvaniaNo doubt you will agree that there is not much more peaceful or serene than spending time around some beautiful waterfalls. If you have the opportunity to visit the Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania you are in for a real pleasure.

The Bushkill Falls are a beautiful series of eight waterfalls and are spread out over an area covering 300 acres. They are connected with a couple of miles of trails, wood bridges, and walkways that are easily accessible to anyone that is able to walk.

This article includes:

  • A video walkthrough
  • The Bushkill Falls Climb
  • Season and Hours of Operation
  • Pet Policy
  • Cell Phone Reception
  • Bird Watching and Wildlife
  • Picnicking at Bushkill Falls
  • Bushkill Falls History
  • Of course, Where to Get a Good Cup of Coffee.

START HERE: Check out this video of a walk through the area, and get a good look at what you are in for!

As you can see the views are stunning and the sound of the Bushkill Falls are a refreshing invitation into the woods. The trees provide plenty of shade and good lighting for photos.


We recommend that you plan on taking your time, packing a lunch, and making a day of it. At least plan on staying until after lunchtime.

The Bushkill Falls park area seems to be well maintained and well managed. If you are thinking that it is a tourist trap you will most likely be pleasantly surprised. The walkways are clearly marked, there are clean restrooms, and the staff is helpful and friendly.

The Bushkill Falls Climb:

The hardest part of the Bushkill Falls climb is really just a moderate hike up to the Bridesmaid and Bridal Falls, which are well worth it. We recommend taking the time to get up to these two beautiful falls and be sure to bring your camera.

Bushkill Falls Season and Hours of Operation

The park is closed for the winter from December through March, and possibly into April depending on how long the winter is. Opening at 9 am during the regular season, the closing times aren’t as clear.

They will close in the evening sometime after 4 pm. We think the best time of day to go is to arrive right at opening time. This will help you beat the later crowds, and also the heat of the day.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in Bushkill Falls as long as they are on a leash and are attended to by the owner. They are not to be left unattended anywhere in the park.

If you plan on bringing along your dog, we highly recommend these great Dog Packs for them to carry their own water, food, and bags to clean up their “doggie deposits”

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— Pocono Mountains VB (@PoconoTourism) March 23, 2016

Cell Phone Reception

If you are needing to stay in touch with everyone while you are here and post all your cool photos on your social media, don’t count it. The service in the park is pretty spotty, but someone said you may have some like close to the main gate.

Bird Watching and Wildlife in the Poconos

The Northeast Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains are home to a great variety of birds and wildlife. If you are a bird watcher it would be a good idea for you to bring some binoculars. There is an extensive variety of other wildlife in the area as well.

This is another great reason to bring some good compact travel binoculars.

Picnicking at Bushkill Falls

There are plenty of places at Bushkill Falls to stop and eat your lunch, but please do not wander off the paths to do it, or get in the way of other foot traffic.

Also, we know you probably don’t need to be reminded, but please leave no trace by bringing all your trash out with you.

When it comes to hiking in somewhere and having a great picnic together, there isn’t anything much more awesome than a Backpack Picnic.

Bushkill Falls History

It was in 1904 that the Bushkill Falls was opened to the public. Of course, back then it was much less developed than it is today. Yes, it’s true, the Niagara Falls of Pensylvania is still privately owned to this day, by the Peters family.

The falls were originally opened by Charles E. Peters. It remains a popular destination for hikers, nature lovers, and birdwatchers still today.

Where to Get a Good Cup of Coffee after the Hike

As always, we want you to know where you can find a good cup of coffee nearby. We recommend the Cafe Duet in Stroudsburg. Cafe Duet. Address: 35 N 7th St, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Cafe Duet is about 12 miles away from the Bushkill Falls and is so pleasant and quaint that you might just want to stay there for awhile.

You may want to call ahead at – (570) 431-3442 – just to be sure they are open before you head over to get some great coffee, and if you are hungry they have some tasty options as well.

May your travel be safe, and your cup always full” ~ Daren & Dana


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