Barview Jetty CampgroundBarview Jetty Campground is located on Oregon’s Northern Coast in the Rockaway Beach area of Tillamook County. Approximately 90 miles from Portland, the campground is currently operated by the county’s parks & recreation department.


The size of Barview Jetty Campground is above the average of those within Tillamook County. In fact, it’s the second largest campground in Oregon.

It features beached-based car/tent areas and walk-up sites hidden among shore pines and dune grass. In addition, Barview Jetty Campground is a boon for RV owners. It offers 69 full hook-up sites for a variety of recreational vehicle sizes.


Availability to Barview Jetty Campground is year-round – a bonus for those who like to travel off-season. May through September are the top months with June-August the busiest. Yet, due to its size, the campground tends to have available spaces in the summer months when other sites are at capacity. 

While the campground is open from October to March, it can get cold and wet. Thus, this may be a perfect time for RVers to claim a space and listen to the rain and Pacific Ocean waves intermingle.


Reservations are a must in the summer months. They can be made by calling the county’s parks & rec office or done online. There are fees for securing a site, requesting extra items, and bringing in pets. These differ between seasons, so review the county’s website for additional information.


There are numerous amenities available at Barview Jetty Campground. However, the one people point out the most is flushable toilets and hot showers. Though there is a fee to use the showers, 25 cents for four minutes, many campers are grateful.

On-site hosts are another special amenity to Barview Jetty Campground. These individuals ensure your site is ready to go, you have any extra items previously requested, the bathrooms are clean, and the campground is free of trash.

There are numerous recreational amenities as well. On the eastern edge of the campground, a 100-foot sand dune is incredibly popular with kids and adults alike who make attempts to climb to the top.

On the western side is a wide, flat beach accessible via foot trails. Jetty fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and bird watching are also available for visitors.

5 Actionable Barview Jetty Campground Tips

Tip #1 – Determine site rates beforehand.

Don’t let your trip to Barview Jetty Campground be marred by unforeseen fees. Make your first action to check the campsite’s rate schedule before you make your reservation. There are a variety of fees listed.

Barview Jetty Campground 3As we mentioned, you will pay for reservations and additionally for bringing in pets. The amount of vehicles and visitors also determines pay. It costs less for a site that accommodates eight people over one which holds 12.

RVers pay the highest no matter what season. In addition to full hook-ups, these sites permit an extra vehicle to be parked. Tents are also allowed in these areas for additional fees.

Tip #2 – Think ahead about the sound pollution. 

Barview Jetty Campground features the natural sounds of birds, the crashing of the waves, and the rustling of the wind among the pines and grasses. However, many campers also hear the safety buoy go off every few minutes. And, in the summer, there are the sounds that come from surrounding campers – some of them louder than normal.

One action you can take is to choose a site far from the campground’s center. The heaviest concentration of sites is along and off of Jetty Road. This is where the RV lots are located and probably where you’ll encounter much of the noise which drowns out nature. 

Sites thin out as you travel through the entrance on Sandhill Road toward the beach. However, those can be snatched up quickly in the summer. Another location to find a lower population of campers is near the Coast Guard tower. Check out a map of Barview Jetty Campground to get an idea of the best, most secluded sites.

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If you need your sleep and are in the midst of other campers, make sure to pack sound dampeners. A set of earplugs or a battery-powered white noise generator can help reduce those unavoidable noises for a better rest.

Tip #3 – Bring Quarters to Clean Off

Barview Jetty Campground features hot-water showers to remove the sweat, grime, and ocean salt from the day. However, these cost money to use.Barview Jetty Campground 2

The action to take on this is – bring quarters. Especially if you want to take a shower first thing in the morning when it may take some time for the water to warm up. You don’t want to start a cold and damp morning with a cold shower if your four minutes runs out.

Tip #4 – Dress in layers, no matter the season

Weather on the Northern Oregon coast can instantly change. A morning filled with sunshine may turn cold and rainy in a few hours. So, take an action to appropriately pack for your trip to Barview Jetty Campground.

Barview Jetty Campground 1Baselayers are the key. Cotton and similar fibers won’t keep you warm if they get wet because they’ll stay wet. You want to wear polyester or, even better, items made out of Merino Wool. This yarn is stretchable, breathable, and wicks away moisture. And you can purchase anything from long-sleeve tees to hiking sock made of the wool.

No matter what you wear, pack a rain jacket, a hat, and gloves. Even if it isn’t raining or snowing, these can protect you from the strong winds which sometimes come off the ocean. 

Tip #5 – Activities beyond your tent

Barview Jetty Campground and the surrounding park area are amazingly beautiful. Yet, so are the areas beyond your tent and Rockaway Beach. So, if you have an available vehicle, take some time to visit other attractions in the area.

One of the biggest is the nationally-known Tillamook Creamery. About 15 minutes from Barview Jetty Campground, this is the home to the Tillamook Factory where visitors can see cheese being made and packaged. It also gives them an opportunity to sample some of the goods.

Another popular attraction is the Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint. The 1890s lighthouse which resides here recently received a new paint job and looks amazing. Visitors are permitted to take a tour of the building for free. They also have a chance to explore the other areas of the surrounding park area.

To go beyond the beach and see the rest of the coast, hop on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. The round-trip takes passengers along Tillamook Bay and features sunset, fall, and holiday excursions. It’s a 90-minute round-trip journey which allows you to slow down even more.


Barview Jetty Campground mixes the best of Oregon’s natural wonders into one area. Its vastness provides ample space for travelers no matter the season. Although, it’s more comfortable and quiet in the colder months than the height of summer. 

There are a number of fees to pay for staying here, including those to use the showers. In addition, un-natural noise levels, such as nearby campers, can get uncomfortable for some. The on-site hosts try to manage this but can’t or don’t keep watch on every site.

Nevertheless, don’t let the few negative points stop you from making a reservation. When you arrive, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swim, surf, fish, and generally enjoy nature.

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