11 Amazing Strawberry FestivalsDo you live near one of these 11 Amazing Strawberry Festivals in the US? 

If so, you should consider making plans now to go to one of these fun-packed and delicious festivals!

How many times have you said, “oh, that would be fun!”, and yet didn’t do it? Well, if you live within a few hours of one of these great festivals, now is your chance to plan a short but great adventure.

You won’t regret it, it will make for the perfect trip!

Pack your overnight bag, gather your family and/or friends, dress up in some cool strawberry outfits for all the photos that you already know are going up on social media, and go on a strawberry themed adventure.

These festivals are not just about eating the delicious fruit, but also celebrating the farmers, families, and communities they are grown in.

It’s amazing what can be made and thoroughly enjoyed, from strawberries. Here is a Google Map of the “11 Best Strawberry Festivals in the US

11 Best Strawberry Festivals in America

Strawberry Festival 1Strawberries. The word alone conjures images of days, maybe recent or in your youth, picking & eating the fresh berries right off the plants. Or warm evenings sampling delicious strawberry shortcake on the porch while watching a magnificent.

Maybe you have memories of sipping an ice-cold strawberry-lemonade on a hot day.

Yes, this plump red fruit is, pardon the pun, ripe for a season’s worth of possibilities. That includes the many festivals that make the strawberry its main attraction.

There is no single location in the U.S. which monopolizes the strawberry-growing industry. That’s good news because it means more festivals to attend and partake in the luscious berry. And there are many of them across the United States. Some in locations you wouldn’t expect. Strawberry fields in Florida? Why, yes!

To help you find the best in the country, we pared the list down to the 11 Best Strawberry Festivals in America.

In researching and compiling this information, we looked beyond just strawberry shortcake, delicious as it is, and focused on how each event celebrates the strawberry. Be it through music, arts, or family-friendly entertainment, we reviewed all aspects to create this comprehensive list. 

Oh, and if you happen to have an adorable little baby to bring along, make sure you dress them up in the cutest baby strawberry outfit you can find. They are sure to get plenty of attention. Maybe they will even win a prize.

A caveat: events can change from year to year at each of these festivals. It is recommended to visit their respective websites for additional information. You can also contact the visitor’s bureaus or chambers of commerce of the towns listed to learn more.  Now, grab a plump, juicy strawberry in one hand, and whipped cream in another (and may we suggest a good cup of coffee) …and let’s begin.

    1. The Poteet Strawberry Festival, Poteet, TX.
    2. The Plant City Strawberry Festival, Plant City, FL.
    3. The Pungo Strawberry Festival, Virginia Beach, VA.
    4. The Oxnard Strawberry Festival, Oxnard, CA.
    5. The Pasadena Strawberry Festival, Pasadena, TX.
    6. The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, Ponchatoula, LA.
    7. The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival, Cedarburg, WI.
    8. The Roanoke Strawberry Festival, Roanoke, VA.
    9. The Strawberry Festival Watsonville, Watsonville, CA.
    10. The Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, Arroyo Grande, CA.
    11. The Kimmswick Strawberry Festival, Kimmswick, MO.

1. The Poteet Strawberry Festival, Poteet, TX. 

Located south of San Antonio, Texas, the Poteet Strawberry Festival takes place every year in April.

Its origins date back to the late 1940s. Back then, the Poteet Strawberry Festival may have been created to honor the sweet berry. Today, it’s so much more! Strawberry Festival 2

Why Poteet? Perhaps its due to its claim to fame as the “Strawberry Capital of Texas.” When the first crops went to market in the early 1920s, the berries from this town went for $20 a pint and were praised by the press.

Two decades later, the town’s Rotary Club decided to honor their prize crop with the first annual Poteet Strawberry Festival.  What was once small has now grown to an event which draws 100,000 attendees each year.

It features 14 areas of ongoing entertainment. At any given hour you may see musical performances from Country Western and Tejano stars as well as regional bands, gunslingers, and rodeo performances.

In addition, if you aren’t tired out from those experiences, The Poteet Strawberry Festival also features a carnival for every age. In other words, it’s an all-day family event.

The best way to start off a visit to the festival is with the parade which winds through the town. The procession features floats and bands from not only around Texas but also the entire United States. Furthermore, the parade introduces you to the Royal Court of the Poteet Strawberry Festival and the Grand Marshall(s) – local celebrities who have made a commitment to the area in some way.

The parade is a great time to wear your most festive strawberry-inspired clothing. Don’t be shy, get in on the fun, and be ready for your Facebook and Instagram blast!

Once the parade is over, the question isn’t, “What else is there to do?” It’s “There’s so much going on, what should I do next?”

One of the most exciting events is the Strawberry Auction. The berries featured are true beauties and garner extremely high bids. Tens of thousands of dollars have been bid for those who participate.

In 2011, the total amount of bids and sales topped nearly $50,000. Another area to see the best the Lone Star State has to offer is the “Taste of Texas” food show. This features more than just recipes made with strawberries.

All variety of amazing foods are available for you to examine while the judges make their decisions. Of course, strawberries are a big part of the menu. They offer the berry in the form of shortcake, chocolate-dipped, and ice cream.

However, you can also grab hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cake, gorditas, brisket tacos, and chicken on a stick to satisfy your hunger pangs.   Strawberry Festival 3However, you might want to wait on eating until you partake in some of the classic carnival rides at the Poteet Strawberry Festival.

These vary each year, so your favorites may change for every visit. Regardless, the carnival has all of the famous attractions which spin, rock, roll, and scare you. And, once the sun goes down, the ride lights come up to make the event a more magical experience.

If you have never experienced a strawberry festival, let alone a county fair, the Poteet Strawberry Festival may be the one to get your feet wet. While it may seem large, the community atmosphere will make you feel like a local resident.

The Poteet Strawberry Festival takes place on N. State Hwy 16, 25 miles south of San Antonio. It is also convenient from all major cities across Texas.

Lodging: There are no lodging options within Poteet itself, but there are in San Antonio, Devine, Lytle, and nearby Pleasanton.

Book your hotel as soon as possible, as these rooms fill up as the festival gets nearer.

2. Plant City Strawberry Festival, Plant City, FL

The Plant City Strawberry Festival, also known as the Florida Strawberry Festival, has 11 delicious days celebrating the fruit.

Each year, from the end of February until the start of March, this community event in Plant City, Florida celebrates the strawberry harvest of Eastern Hillsborough County.

By the way, this “community event” draws 50,000 attendees from across the country as well as headline entertainment. Strawberry Festival 4

Wait, strawberries? You thought Florida was known only for oranges? Well, yes. Plant City has been harvesting the fruit for decades. In fact, they held their first festival in 1930, making it one of the oldest on this list.

Each year, they continue to promote the feeling of community even as the festival grows in popularity to become one of the Top 40 Fairs in North America.

And we see why. The Florida Strawberry Festival is more than shortcake, though this delicious delicacy is in abundance. It’s a celebration of agriculturally-based Hillsborough County and its 2,800 farms.

We encourage you to make it extra fun by dressing festive and taking some great photos for your Facebook or Instagram, with your friends and family!

They produce 10,000 acres of strawberries as well as other fruits and vegetables which are highlighted during the 11-day event. And what an event! Those who casually enjoy strawberries from time to time will fall in love with them after the Florida Strawberry Festival.

There are numerous foods which feature this small but tasty fruit, and not just shortcake and jam. Vendors throughout the festival sell strawberry burgers, pizza, and a deep-fried strawberry injected with cream cheese and dusted with powdered sugar.

Let’s see what else you will enjoy in the four city blocks of the Florida Strawberry Festival. Like the harvests of Hillsborough County, free entertainment is in abundance. You can catch regional musicians who may be your favorites or soon-to-be favorites. Or, perhaps you’ll take in a lumberjack show. And, if you arrive at the right time, there may be a chance to see some surfing dogs.

If you’re looking for star power, the festival features a number of pop & country headliners which you can see with a separate admission fee. Strawberry Festival 5Since the Florida Strawberry Festival runs 11 days, there’s no reason you can’t stop by for at least one of them.

Who knows – you may want to stay for several more. The Florida Strawberry Festival takes place in Plant City which is between Lakeland and Tampa It can be reached via the I-4 or State Hwy 92.

Parking is available onsite for all vehicles, including RVs.

There are several hotels in the area and in nearby Lakeland if you wish to stay for more than a day. And, why shouldn’t you?

You would be smart to make your hotel reservations well in advance, (like now) as they fill up fast for the Plant City Strawberry Festival.

3. Pungo Strawberry Festival, Virginia Beach, VA.

We move from the Southeast U.S. to the Mid-Atlantic for a festival where the strawberry and ocean meet in beautiful harmony.

The Pungo Strawberry Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia may be fairly young among this group of 11 Best Strawberry Festivals in America. Yet, the two-day event which takes place at the end of May each year draws almost 100,000 visitors. A far cry from the 5,000 attendees who came to the first showcase in 1984.

While based in the cosmopolitan Virginia Beach, the Pungo Strawberry Festival certainly feels like an old-time country fair. Thanks to its alcohol-free status, every event can be enjoyed by all ages.

In fact, thanks to a large presence from 4-H clubs in the area, the festival has a youthful air to it. During the two days, they may display antique farm equipment, show off their beekeeping skills, or offer pony rides.

The Pungo Strawberry Festival is a true community event, and you can see it in a number of locations. For example, the kick-off parade features local floats, bands, and personnel from Virginia Beach’s first responder groups. The festival’s four stages have continuous entertainment from local musicians, magicians, and community groups.  Strawberry Festival 6

Of course, there are strawberries. Thanks to many of the fields in the area, there is any number of strawberry-based foods available. Past fairs have featured over four-dozen different items to sample or purchase.

If you are interested in loading up on fresh berries, festival personnel encourage you to visit one of the participating farms to pick your own. Vendors at the festival also sell a number of berry-inspired products, including clothing.

However, you can show up to the event already festive and ready for Facebook and Instagram in a great strawberry themed outfit!

Even the guys can get in on some cool “Strawberry Themed Gear” for the festival.

Though you may be in Virginia Beach for, well, the beach, try to make some time to partake in the wonderful treats and community feel of the Pungo Strawberry Festival.

The Pungo Strawberry Festival is located off of Princess Anne Road and is a few miles away from the beaches.

So, you can enjoy a morning at the festival and partake in a strawberry feast on the beach in the afternoon. Admission to the festival is free but tickets and wristbands need to be purchased for carnival rides.

With Virginia Beach nearby there are plenty of great accommodations available.

However, if the event falls on Memorial Day weekend, rooms can book fast. So, make your reservations as soon as possible in advance.

  1. Oxnard Strawberry Festival, Oxnard, CA.

Strawberry Festival 7We head 3,000 miles west to another coastal city – Oxnard, CA.

It’s home to the Oxnard Strawberry Festival, also known as the California Strawberry Festival.

This event takes place in the middle of May each year and has been a staple of this Southern California town since the early 80s. And, it has grown quite a bit since the days of skinny ties and big hair.

At any moment you’ll encounter food booths, entertaining contests, carnival rides, arts & crafts vendors, concerts, and celebrity chef demonstrations.

Like the other fairs across the nation, The California Strawberry Festival is community-driven. They take pride in their all-volunteer board of directors and the non-profit organizations which help raise funds for local charities. The money raised is a lot more than just a pint of strawberries.

Recent festivals have raised millions of dollars. That’s a lot of strawberry pallets! The family is the centerpiece of each California Strawberry Festival. Every event during the two-day spectacular is open to all ages.

Furthermore, the fair encourages everyone to participate in something. Be it the Berry Best Hat contest, Berry Best Dressed Baby event, and art contests for ages between elementary school and adult. 

By the way, if you decide to participate in the baby event, you can’t go wrong with a strawberry jumper. Not only does it keep your infant cool in the warm California sun but also allows you to enhance it with strawberry-based headbands, hats, or shoes. They’re bound to win if they look like an adorable, huggable version of the berry. Strawberry Festival 8

There are eating contests as well. A prestigious one is a competition to eat the most strawberry shortcake without your hands.

It’s fun for both the audience members and the contestants. Although, it can be quite sticky and gooey for those who participate. 

There are two cruxes of the California Strawberry Festival – food & entertainment. Well, three if you count the strawberries. Okay, two if you combine food & entertainment. Regardless how you count it, they are still the main points of interest.

The festival’s Strawberry Promenade shows off the best in berry cooking and, in some cases, non-alcoholic mixology from local and celebrity chefs. When your appetite is whetted, then you move from watching food to eating it.

From the fields across the area, visitors to the festival can indulge in strawberries in the unique forms of pizza, tamales, chimichangas, beer, and popcorn. Of course, there’s plenty of shortcakes to go around.

The best part is all proceeds go to local charities. Entertainment comes in both the ooh and ahh variety. Those who are in search of something sedated have an opportunity to browse the dozens of arts & crafts vendors who grace the fairgrounds.

Those who get bored easily, we’re talking your little ones, can enter Stawberryland for rock climbing, inflatables, and carnival rides.

Folks who need to dance away that third helping of strawberry shortcake can do so near the festival stages which feature local and headline bands. 

Needless to say, the Oxnard/California Strawberry Festival packs a good deal into two days. Pace yourself to enjoy all it has to offer.

The California Strawberry Festival is located at Strawberry Meadows of College Park at 3250 South Rose Avenue in Oxnard, approximately an hour northwest of Los Angeles. Parking is available on-site and in satellite, lots serviced by shuttles.

There are a number of great lodging options in Oxnard and the surrounding areas, but don’t wait because these get booked up quick as the festival gets closer. 

5. Pasadena Strawberry Festival, Pasadena, TX.

The Pasadena Strawberry Festival does not take place in the California city famous for its Rose Parade. No, this Pasadena is in Texas between Houston and the Gulf Coast.

No matter if it’s in one large state or another, it features strawberries, and that’s the most important thing.

The Pasadena Strawberry Festival originated in 1974 and has grown each year. It occurs in the middle of May, although events like the Sweating for Berries Fun Run take place earlier in the year. And, unlike other festivals mentioned here, there’s an admission fee.

However, it gets you into many of the entertainment attractions without a separate payment. If you plan on going for all three days, the weekend pass is the best way to go.  Strawberry Festival 9You wouldn’t be the only one who attends the entire event. As many as 65,000 visitors have passed through the gates of the Pasadena Strawberry festival to enjoy the contests, music, carnival rides, food … and the world’s largest strawberry shortcake.

In 2014, the festival entered the Guinness Book of World Records by producing the world’s largest dessert.

It measured 2073 sq. ft., weighed over 21,500 lbs. and was covered with more than a ton of strawberries, glaze, and whipped topping. 

Each year since, this cake has been reproduced, revealed with much applause, and then cut up and served to those in the audience.

This doesn’t happen throughout the entire festival. So, if you want your piece, you need to attend the opening ceremonies which additionally features musical acts and a kids play area. 

The Pasadena Strawberry Festival doesn’t want you to simply be an attendee. They want you to participate. So, they offer a number of contests for all ages.

You can start by dressing festively in some cool Strawberry Gear….and don’t forget to dress up your little guy or gal! It makes for some great photos!

People who aren’t afraid to get a bit of dirt on their clothes … or hair … or in their ears, can participate in mud volleyball.

Those looking to make delicious messes can sign up and participate in the BBQ Cook-Off. And for parents who want to show off their baby in the finest strawberry garb can do so at the Baby Parade.

In addition to some of these unique events, the fair offers a wide variety of entertainment. Food is a prominent feature across the area, and not simply in the strawberry variety.

Kids and adults will be plenty entertained by the rides and games at the carnival. Furthermore, since it’s been proven music helps you eat a bit slower, you can do so with the melodic entertainment featured throughout the weekend. Strawberry Festival 10That’s the Pasadena Strawberry Festival in a nutshell.

Have a piece of the world’s largest strawberry shortcake, play some mud volleyball, and enjoy every moment. The Pasadena Strawberry Festival takes place at the Pasadena Fairgrounds, 7603 Red Bluff Rd. Parking is available nearby with shuttle service to the fair.

As part of the Houston Metropolitan area, there are a number of accommodations available if you plan to stay for more than a day.

6. The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, Ponchatoula, LA.

You may not think of Louisiana as a state with large fields of strawberries. Yet, each April, growers, and fans of the berry come to Ponchatoula for the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.

And why is that? Simple. The town, which is east of Baton Rouge and north of New Orleans, is known as the “Strawberry Capital of the World.”  They live up to that reputation and a history that began in 1970, with a three-day event which includes all the trappings of a great county fair.

Plus, they take their royalty pretty seriously. Each year, a king and queen of the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival are named and spotlighted during the event. There are more highlights.

So, order your awesome strawberry themed outfit for the fair now, and start making plans to visit. It’s the perfect chance to get out and enjoy some time with some family and/or friends.

Though the festival starts on Friday evening, the main events occur on Saturday and Sunday. These include a parade through the town and a strawberry-themed, 10K fun run.

These days also feature numerous local and regional musical acts on multiple stages, carnival rides, contests, and, most important, food. There’s nothing better than combining the sweet strawberry with the luscious cuisine native to Louisiana.

This is why the time is right to start planning for the next Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.

The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival takes place 301 N 6th St. in Ponchatoula. It’s free and open to the public, though you do have to pay for food and carnival rides.

There are a number of great hotels in nearby Hammond as well as in Baton Rouge and New Orleans for those who wish to extend their stay.

7. The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival, Cedarburg, WI.

Let’s head north of Ponchatoula. Well north, to the great state of Wisconsin. You know it for its famous cheese. But the residents of Cedarburg know it for the wonderful strawberries it produces.

Berries which are honored at the annual Cedarburg Strawberry Festival. Strawberry Festival 11Thousands of visitors flock to this town, near the shores of Lake Michigan, to partake in the summer’s best fruit. Actually, somewhere around 100,000 visitors come each year.

Did the founders of the festival realize it’s potential popularity when they held the first one in 1985? Who knows. What they did know is how to throw a proper fruit-themed bash.

Be prepared for a feast of great photos as well. We recommend that you bring a good smartphone lens kit, so you can get all the great shots for your social media blitz!

The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival’s focus is not like others mentioned here. Instead of taking place in a park or local fairgrounds, the event is centered downtown. Several streets are closed off to allow visitors to meander among the artisans and food tents which line the avenues.

When it comes to fairs, it’s more street and less country. Nevertheless, it still has plenty to enjoy, including strawberry-based foods unique to the area. The festival food tent features the fruit in the “Original” Strawberry Brat, Chicken Wrap, Brat Corndog, Strawberry Schaum Torte, and Strawberry Kringles.

Visitors can also sample a variety of strawberry-infused beverages. The summer fruit is a perfect pairing with the art for sale and on the stage. Hundreds of artisans show off their wares to admiring visitors while local musicians surround the entire festival with steady and beautiful beats.

Strawberry Festival 12Combine that with the warmth of an early summer sun and breezes from Lake Michigan, and you have the ultimate in Strawberry Festivals. The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival takes place in a several block radius of downtown. Parking is available nearby with free shuttle service.

A number of small inns and bed & breakfasts are located within the town. Larger hotel/motel chains are featured in the surrounding areas.

8. The Roanoke Strawberry Festival, Roanoke, VA.

In 1980, the parents of Community School in Roanoke, Virginia were trying to come up with an idea for a fundraiser which would help keep their tuition costs down. They came up with an idea to celebrate the wonderful strawberry. Hence, the Roanoke Strawberry festival was born.

Actually, the official name is the Community School Strawberry Festival because it still helps the education center in many ways. No matter what the name, everyone is invited to this family-friendly event which draws an average of 30,000 attendees each year. It has become so popular Virginia Living magazine named it one of “Southwest Virginia’s Best Festivals.”

It has also been lauded by readers of Roanoker magazine as a “Favorite Annual Festival.”  Much of the staff at the Roanoke Strawberry Festival are current or former students, parents, and faculty of Community School.

Together, they put in 2400 hours of work to prep the event area, decorate, and prepare several hundred, if not thousands, pounds of strawberry shortcake. They are a commendable team of dedicated supporters. In turn, their hard labor is transformed into an event held during the first weekend in May, rain or shine.

The crux of the fundraising comes from the sale of wonderful strawberry desserts which can be bought ahead of time and picked up at the festival. The highlight is the Shortcake To-Go Kits. These have everything needed for you to make a magnificent shortcake at home.

Additional desserts to purchase at the festival include chocolate-covered strawberries, strawberry sundaes, and strawberry shortcake. Sometimes the cake made by someone else tastes that much better.

Once again, be prepared for a feast of great photos as well. We recommend that you dress for the occasion, and bring a good smartphone lens kit, so you can get all the great shots for your social media blitz!

Saturday at the Roanoke Strawberry Festival is when everyone will have the most fun. There is entertainment for every age, carnival games, children’s activities such as face painting, free musical entertainment from local performers, and arts & crafts vendors.

Amid all the fun, you know you’re doing your part to support a good cause. The Roanoke Strawberry Festival takes place at Elmwood Park – 706 S Jefferson St. Admission is free, but it’s recommended you bring some money to help fund Community School.

There are some great hotel accommodations available throughout Roanoke. As with other festivals listed here, book well ahead of time.

9. The Strawberry Festival Watsonville, CA.

Back to the West Coast we go. This time, we move into Santa Cruz County and the city of Watsonville. It’s here you’ll find the annual Strawberry Festival Watsonville.

This one was started in 1995. A mere baby compared to the other events listed here. Held during the first weekend in August, the Watsonville Strawberry Festival has been described as the premier strawberry event in the United States.

Nobody knew it would gain that prestige when first started. In fact, the main reason the festival was put together was to help the downtown area recover from the Loma Prieta earthquake. Now, the event is held to provide a family-friendly experience and promote the strawberry crops of the Pajaro Valley.

The downtown area is home to the Watsonville Strawberry Festival. In addition to the main star, the event features live musical entertainment, carnival rides, tons of local eats, and dozens of artists from around the area. In other words, it’s a community party and everyone is invited to enjoy.

And it’s a great place to show off some of your strawberry paraphernalia. For example, to fend off the hot California sun, you might want to bring this adorable Strawberry Parasol to keep you both cool and festive.

Just don’t wear yellow or white or you may be seen as a giant piece of strawberry shortcake. Enjoy your time among the palm trees and sandy beaches of Sant Cruz County. Just make sure you find time to visit the Strawberry Festival Watsonville.

The Watsonville Strawberry Festival takes place in the city’s historic downtown area. There is free admission to the event; however, you may have to pay for parking depending on the lot.

The area offers a few nice hotels available for those who want to extend their stay.

10. The Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, Arroyo Grande, CA. 

Moving down to the Central California Coast, between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, we come to the town of Arroyo Grande.

It is home to a number of festivals year-round. One of these is the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival.  This event started in 1983 and runs every year on Memorial Day – a very popular weekend to hold this type of berry festival it seems. We’d say it takes place rain or shine, but this is California.

So, there’s a good chance the warm Golden State sun will shine down on you throughout the day.  The two-day festival draws tens of thousands of visitors each year.

The Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival has become so popular that it was named “The Place to be on Memorial Weekend” by Sunset magazine. It has become the premier strawberry festival in California and ranks up there with some of the bigger venues on this list. There is any number of things which make this event special. One is the ambiance of Arroyo Grande itself.

While a modern town, it retains a classic feel which draws family-friendly crowds.

So, you wouldn’t feel out of place at all if you wore this 1950s Halter Floral Spring Garden Party Strawberry Picnic Dress to stroll among the various events in.

Another highlight of the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival is the word FREE. There is no admission to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, no fees for parking, no cost for a shuttle to the event, and an extra charge isn’t required to catch the available entertainment.

But you do want to bring some money for the food and children’s activities. Okay, bring a little bit more for the food. Tempting strawberry concoctions are available throughout the festival in the form of shortcakes, funnel cakes, milkshakes, ice cream, and good old plain boxes of them.

You’ll also discover local and ethnic favorites, or soon to be favorites, which tantalize your senses. The weekend program is also a place for you to get your entertainment on. Dozens of vendors display their arts & crafts for admiration and purchase.

On the several event stages around the festival, you can see a variety of performances from local talent. This can range from Folk, Blues, Jazz, and Classic & Contemporary Rock. It all goes well with some shortcake or chocolate-dipped strawberries washed down with strawberry lemonade.

Should you be on the Central California Coast during Memorial Day weekend, make some room in your schedule to visit the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival for an amazing, family-friendly experience. The Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival takes place in several locations in the town’s historic downtown area.

Admission, parking, shuttle service, and stage entertainment are all free. There are extra costs for food, children’s activities, and carnival rides.

There are numerous great accommodations within Arroyo Grande and the surrounding area.

If you wish to stay overnight, festival officials recommend booking your reservations at least six months in advance.

11. The Kimmswick Strawberry Festival, Kimmswick, MO. 

Our last, but certainly not least, this festival of strawberries takes us away from the Pacific Coast to Missouri and the shores of the Mississippi River.

As freighters and steamboats ply its waters they pass by the historic town of Kimmswick. And this is where the annual Kimmswick Strawberry Festival takes place during the first weekend in June.

The highlight of the event is strawberries in the form of a classic jam. While thousands of visitors attend the free event for everything it has to offer, they make their first stop at the Visitors Center to pick up a jar or two of Original Kimmswick Strawberry Jam. It has been a sellout nearly every year it has been sold.

Strawberry Festival 2Another reason people make it to the Kimmswick Strawberry Festival is the historic atmosphere. Established in 1859, the town has a rustic, laid-back feel. The open-air markets and outdoor entertainment harken back to times when technology didn’t scream at us all hours of the day.

In other words, it allows visitors to take a breather and enjoy some time with friends and family.  One of the ways they do this is to peruse the hundreds of vendors selling every kind of ware for visitors to admire and eventually purchase.

If you have a little girl, how cute would your photos at the festival be with her a  Strawberry Shortcake Doll?

Because this takes place in the heart of Kimmswick the stores and restaurants in the area all participate in the festival by selling strawberry-themed items.  Yet another way visitors can kick back and clear their minds is to let the music surround them.

The Kimmswick Strawberry Festival offers several stages. Country, Rock, Oldies, and Class Bluegrass can be heard across town during the entire event. If you like to participate instead of simply watch, you can hang out near the karaoke booth and gather your own adoring audience. 

If you want to experience 19th-century charm and tranquility while indulging in 21st-century strawberry shortcake, the Kimmswick Strawberry Festival needs to be your early June destination. Kimmswick is located off of I-55 and is approximately 30 minutes south of St. Louis.

Admission to the festival is free but you definitely want to bring money for the food, crafts, and carnival rides.

There are a few local and national motel chains near Kimmswick and the surrounding towns as well as in St. Louis.

Book well ahead of time to ensure you have a room.

We hope that this article on the “11 Best Strawberry Festivals in the US” has been helpful for you, and has inspired you to get out and go on an adventure!

Have you ever considered going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival?


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