5 Helpful Maryland Renaissance Festival Tips

There are an amazing amount of festivals in America. Renaissance festivals are among the most fun, highly attended, and great for people of all ages. But, the Maryland Renaissance Festival is one of the best in the country.

If you live in or around the Maryland area, we highly recommend that you pack up for a weekend, and head to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for some awesome fun, and great memories.

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The Maryland Renaissance Festival starts at the end of August and will run to the end of October. That gives revelers roughly two months of unmatched fun and entertainment to take advantage of. Revelers can also partake in the numerous tourist attractions in the region, and get the chance to relax and get away from the daily grind.

This is one of the most popular festivals in Maryland for various reasons. It is the premier outdoor event in the Fall. Secondly, it is the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country. 

However, you should know a few things to help you maximize your enjoyment during the festival. 

5 Helpful Maryland Renaissance Festival Tips

1. What to wear

While at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, you will see the people wearing all types of clothes and Renaissance costumes.

It’s perfectly fine to wear your normal street clothes, but dress for the heat. If you want to dress up in costume and join the fun, here are some great and affordable options that you can have shipped straight to your house.

Check out these: 

Whatever you decide to wear keep in mind that it’s going to be warm, so loose fitting clothes that breath and a hat is advisable.

2. Take pictures and videos

It is your prerogative to take as many photos and videos as you like during the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This is perfect for social media envy, so be sure to carry a camera with you. 

While nobody will stop you from taking photos and videos, you should be courteous enough to ask for permission first, or at least be discreet if you are taking photos of specific individuals.

There is plenty to take photos of, especially if you are a photography buff.

3. Open your taste buds.

You may have to abandon the weight loss diet you’re currently on. Seriously, why attend the festival if you don’t want to try out the amazing faire food? 

Maryland Renaissance Festival stands out for its foods and drinks. Giant turkey legs are mandatory. The Faire has all types of food. You will have no trouble finding what suits your taste buds. 

Most of the foods here are fried. In the recent past, the Faire has introduced modern types of foods. You will enjoy the smoothies, juices and fresh fruit on offer.

Word to the wise: Have a great time enjoying the great food and drink options, but don’t overdo it and ruin your day.

4. Memorable Performances

A renaissance festival isn’t much without excellent and memorable entertainment. The good news is the Maryland Renaissance Festival has several exceptional performances. 

The main ones include Shakespearean shows and swordplay. Let’s not forget the game of puns! Comedy and tragedy are the common antics around the Faire.

A game that involves “throwing axes” should make you wonder what you are doing in Maryland. It’s a fun-filled activity though. Random exhibits featuring a reptile or two should also tickle your fancy if you don’t scream out in terror. 

The festival has several activities that should keep the whole family (or group of revelers) feeling astoundingly entertained. So take the time to check out the entertainment.

A few of these grand options you can include:

  1. Giant Slide
  2. Archery
  3. Maze
  4. Pony Rides

For kids, face painting and hair braiding should be a lot of fun. 

5. Crafts and shopping

You may want to carry something back with you as a reminder of your time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Look for the multitude of talented artisans who are unafraid to make whatever you need at a moment’s notice. 

The quality of their artisanship is beyond reproach. They make belly-dancing outfits. They make a jester’s masks. They make walking sticks, blown glass, and pottery. The festival always features a good number of these talented artisans. Look for them for the chance to carry home some great handmade souvenirs back with you. 

Final Tips:

Lastly, the best time to visit the Maryland Renaissance Festival is at the beginning. Set aside the festival’s first three weekends as the best potential weekends for your visit.

Special events take place each weekend. Look at the schedule of events and choose what makes you happy. Buy your tickets online. This way, you don’t get a discount but get the opportunity to avoid the excessively long queues. Carry your card and some cash too. Many of the vendors accept payments via cards, but some are cash only.

Where to find COFFEE:

If you are looking for the “better than average” cup of coffee, we recommend that you check out the Baltimore Coffee and Tea Co. located about 7 miles from the Faire.

Here’s a map to an amazing cup of coffee.




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